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best texas car wreck lawyers

Auto Accidents

Dedicated Representation From A Respected Texas Law Firm Both of our attorneys are currently Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. We have a complete understanding of the law in these matters, and we understand the tactics the insurance companies use to avoid their responsibility in these matters. We utilize proven strategies to overcome these tactics and pursue every available option in an effort to protect your interests. We have experience representing clients who have been injured in any type of motor vehicle accident, including: Accidents involving trucks and other commercial vehicles Motorcycle accidents Pedestrian and bicycle accidents Drunk driving accidents Distracted driving accidents Accidents resulting from tire blowouts or other automotive defects…

best medical malpractice lawyer in texas

Medical Malpractice

Top Rated Texas Medical Malpractice Attorneys – No Win, No Fee! People trust in medical doctors, nursing staff and various health care professionals to accurately diagnose illnesses, properly execute surgical procedures and deliver careful care when we are sick. Regretfully, there are instances in which procedures do not go as planned and in these instances a patient can suffer from a professional’s mistakes. Although not every negligence will be malpractice, any time a logical and prudent physician would not have performed the same way under the situation, the medical professional under consideration may be accountable for malpractice. Fortunately, receiving compensation can be an option for many of those who have suffered as a direct result malpractice. If you think that…

best texas business litigation law firm

Business Litigation

Experienced Complex Commercial Litigation Attorneys in Texas The Snapka Law Firm is dedicated to providing sound legal advice and effective legal action in a variety of commercial disputes. We realize that cost of litigation is an expense inherent to doing business in today’s marketplace. But keeping expenses to a minimum is one of our primary concerns. That is why, in all business litigation cases, we strive to achieve our clients’ objectives while minimizing the costs associated with achieving those objectives. Whether your company’s objectives involve resolving a dispute before it escalates into a lawsuit or you are seeking strategic counsel to ensure your company’s interests are protected in court, the commercial litigation attorneys at the Snapka Law Firm have the…

Texas defective medical device lawyer

Defective Medical Device

Dedicated Representation From A Respected Texas Law Firm Manufacturers of medical devices have a responsibility to ensure that their products are safe. Patients depend on medical products to improve the quality of their lives and help them recover from illnesses. When these products break down or fail to work as expected, however, patients’ lives are placed in jeopardy. It is an unfortunate reality that defective medical products are becoming ever more common in the U.S. Any type of medical device or equipment has the potential to malfunction including the following: Duragesic Pain Patch Knee/Hip Implants Power morcellators Vaginal mesh If you have been injured or a loved one has been injured or killed due to a defective medical device you…

best product liability lawyer in Texas

Product Liability

Dedicated Representation From A Respected Texas Law Firm Companies have a responsibility to design, manufacture and market consumer products to be safe for public use. They are also responsible for providing consumers with adequate instructions and warnings labels about how to use their products safely. When a manufacturer fails to fulfill these responsibilities, the results can be catastrophic. Defective products and inadequate warning labels cause serious, life-changing injuries and even death to consumers. At the Snapka Law Firm, we handle product liability cases for two reasons: To compensate people who have sustained serious injuries as a result of dangerous or defective products and to compel manufacturers to make their products safer. Defects can occur at three stages of a product’s…

best Texas workplace injury lawyer

Workplace Injury

Dedicated Representation From A Respected Texas Law Firm If you have suffered a serious injury in a workplace accident, you likely have access to benefits under your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. If the accident that caused your injury occurred because of negligence on the part of someone other than your employer, you may also have grounds to seek damages under a separate personal injury claim. At The Snapka Law Firm, we represent victims in a wide array of workplace injury claims. Our experience handling cases involving a variety of accidents across a wide array of industries puts us in a strong position to provide the focused, results-oriented representation you require. It is our commitment to pursue the maximum level of…

best serious injury lawyer in Texas

Serious Injury

Dedicated Representation From A Respected Texas Law Firm When victims suffer a serious injury in an accident that occurred because of another person’s careless behavior, they frequently have more questions than answers. How am I going to pay my medical bills if I can’t work? What are my rights with regard to receiving compensation for my lost wages and property damage? How do I respond to inquiries from the negligent party’s insurance company? These are all extremely important questions that require serious consideration. At The Snapka Law Firm, we offer our clients more than 30 years of experience resolving all types of personal injury and negligence claims. Our complete understanding of the law and knowledge of injury victims’ rights allow…

best commercial vehicle accident attorneys in Texas

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Dedicated Representation From A Respected Texas Law Firm Coming soon …

best prescription drug attorney texas

Prescription Drug Injury

Dedicated Representation From A Respected Texas Law Firm Page coming soon …

best texas wrongful death attorney

Wrongful Death

Dedicated Representation From A Respected Texas Law Firm Page coming soon …


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