Best Hospitals in Corpus Christi, TX

Nearly everyone at some point in their lives will find themselves in need of a hospital, whether for an emergency reason or for a simple out-patient procedure. While we typically don’t think about finding the best hospitals in the area until we need one, it can always be a good thing to keep in mind before an emergency arises. If you are looking for a children’s hospital, cutting edge research hospital, or rehabilitation center in your area, read on to find some of the best hospitals in Corpus Christi.

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Driscoll Children’s Hospital
3533 S Alameda St.
Corpus Christi, TX 78411
(361) 694-5000

If your child is sick, the capable and driven team at Driscoll Children’s Hospital is ready to take care of them. Staff at Driscoll realize that there is no health more important than that of your child, and they work tirelessly to provide the best care for each patient in their hospital. Driscoll Children’s Hospital uses a family-friendly approach to medical care, using a creative blend of treatment, education, and play to their practice to make each child’s hospital stay a positive one. While they value medical advancement and medical research, they also know the importance of a smile and a soothing touch for patients who find a hospital stay especially scary. At Driscoll, nothing is more important than the children they treat, and families can rest assured that each child is cared for and loved during their entire stay.

Corpus Christi Medical Center – Doctor’s Regional
3315 S Alameda St.
Corpus Christi, TX 78411
(361) 761-1000

The Corpus Christi Medical Center is proud to be accredited by the Joint Commission and has been awarded the Golden Seal of Approval, which ensures that they work to provide high quality care to each of their patients. Doctor’s Regional is the Corpus Christi Medical Center acute care hospital, offering services such as a 24-hour emergency department, inpatient rehabilitation, orthopedic and surgical services, and cardiac cauterization labs. Hospitals and medical centers affiliated with the Corpus Christi Medical Center are found all around the Corpus Christi area, and they employ a strong team of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to provide a better quality of life to those who are living in their community. The mission of Corpus Christi Medical Center is to above all else, be committed to the care and improvement of human life. As a result, patients can visit Corpus Christi Medical Center with the assurance that their care is the upmost priority.

Corpus Christi Rehabilitation Hospital
5726 Esplanade Dr.
Corpus Christi, TX 78414
(361) 906-3700

The Corpus Christi Rehabilitation Hospital provides specialized inpatient and outpatient rehabilitative services to patients who are recovering from disabilities caused by injury, illness, or chronic medical conditions. The Corpus Christi Rehabilitation Hospital is locally managed so that they are able to better serve the needs of the community, but they are a member of a larger network of hospitals to share information, knowledge, and resources, and continually work towards providing better care for patients. The Rehabilitation Hospital has been nationally recognized for four years as a healthcare leader in the rehabilitation field, which is a testament to their commitment to patient rehabilitation and the advancement of their practice for the betterment of their patients’ lives. The number one priority at Corpus Christi Rehabilitation Center is patients, and they are privileged to provide excellent patient care to those in their community and their families.

Corpus Christi Medical Center – Bay Area
7101 S. Padre Island Dr.
Corpus Christi, TX 78412
(361) 761-1000

The Bay Area Corpus Christi Medical Center is a part of a larger network of Corpus Christi Medical Center-affiliated hospitals and clinics, all working to provide quality medical care to their communities. Bay Area, a full-service acute hospital and medical office, features state-of-the-art cardiovascular services, bariatric, gynecological, and robotic surgery. They also boast a Women’s Center at Bay Area with a high quality NICU. The Women’s Center at Bay Area is also home to the graduate medical education program, which provides a great learning environment for the next generation of healthcare leaders in their field. With a variety of services offered throughout the Corpus Christi area, the Corpus Christi Medical Center is always available to meet your needs in your community.

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