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How Do I Know if I Have a Good Medical Malpractice Cases in Texas?

In general, the following types of cases are potentially good medical malpractice cases. Medicare calls these cases “Medicare Never Events” and will not pay the hospital because Medicare believes the problem should “Never” happen.

Surgical Error Cases

  • Wrong surgical procedure on a patient
  • Surgical instrument or foreign object left in patient after surgery
  • Death after surgery in a normal healthy patient
  • Wrong limb or wrong patient operated on

Health Care Management Claims

  • Medication Error That Causes Death Or Serious Harm
  • Transfusion of the wrong blood type
  • Errors associated with labor or delivery on a low-risk pregnancy which causes death or serious injury
  • Failure to identify and treat jaundice in newborns
  • Bedsores and Pressure Ulcers acquired after admission to a healthcare facility which cause death or serious injury

Environmental Events

  • Electric shock and burns which causes serious harm while being cared for in a healthcare facility
  • Any incident in which a line designated for oxygen or other gas to be delivered to a patient contains the wrong gas or is contaminated by toxic substances

Patient Protection Events

  • New born baby discharged to the wrong person
  • Patient disappearance for more than four hours that causes death or serious injury

Medical Product or Device Claims

  • Patient death or serious injury due to use of contaminated drugs, devices, or biologics provided by the healthcare facility
  • Patient death or serious injury because a device used in patient care malfunctions in some manner, or is used in a manner that was not intended.
  • Death or serious injury due to an intravascular embolism that occurs in a healthcare facility

South Texas medical malpractice attorney Kathy Snapka has tried many medical injury cases in her 35+ years as a litigator. If you or a loved one was injured by healthcare negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.

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