Spinning Wheels & Surfboards: Texas Surf Museum in Corpus Christi, TX

The Texas Surf Museum in Corpus Christi, Texas, is a treasure trove of surfboards and memorabilia from the Texas coast. The museum also includes a video theater with surfing videos and surf music playing on a loop for visitors to enjoy while they browse through the vast collection of surf-related items. Texas Surf Museum exhibits boards from just about every era, including some that date back to 1907.

The Texas Surf Museum in Corpus Christi, Texas, is a great place for surf fans and history buffs alike, as it not only gives visitors a peek into Texas’ surfing past but also provides them with information about how modern-day Texas surf culture evolved. A few of our law firms staff enjoy surfing and sailing. There are even events held throughout the year that celebrate different kinds of surfing! Visitors will enjoy browsing through exhibits like “Texas Legends,” which profiles famous Texans who were involved in some aspect of surfing over the years. They might find themselves seeing familiar names like Mickey Dora or Jesse Billauer on display thanks to their contributions to shaping California’s golden age of SURFING.

Sure, Texas Surf Museum is great for surfers, Texas history buffs, and anyone who wants to learn more about the evolution of Texas surfing. But it’s also a fun place to visit with kids! The Texas Surf Museum in Corpus Christi has plenty of interactive exhibits that are sure to keep children occupied while they play on some vintage surfboards.